Replica Panerai Radiomir Series 3-Day Storage Steel replica Watch

Replica Panerai, a fine replica watch brand with Italian heritage. As early as 1860, the classic and tough, it began a legendary historical journey. As always, the pillow-shaped large-scale style never goes with the flow, and has the most unique brand style, which is a self-contained style, forming the exclusive scenery of replica Panerai. At the 2017 Geneva Haute Horlogerie Salon, the brand combines the contemporary vintage style with its unique watchmaking tradition to launch this replica Panerai Radiomir series of 3-day storage steel replica watches. The new timepiece echoes Panerai. The replica watch of the 1930s has a strong retro flavor.

Inspired by the brand's classic timepieces launched in 1930, the two watches are paired with a unique 12-sided bezel and engraved with the words "OFFICINE PANERAI - BREVETTATO" to reproduce the brilliance of the past. Both models are special editions developed by the replica Panerai Nostal fake watch factory. For the first time, all the important features of the prototype replica watch are given to the new timepiece. The unique personality of the replica watch, the retro classic and modern time The integration of the plans reflects the long-lasting style of the replica Panerai calendar.

The 47 mm stainless steel case is polished to give a delicate and atmospheric metallic texture, retaining Panerai's most recognizable pillow-shaped case design, giving the case a highly recognizable aesthetic. In addition, the new watch features a 12-sided matte steel bezel design, smooth and fine-edged, and the same font design as the historical prototype, continuing the size and design of the retro Panerai replica watch. In addition, the addition of the detachable lugs greatly facilitates the replacement of the straps, demonstrating the superior reliability and practicality of the new timepiece.

Another large retro design is the gradual brown dial of the replica watch. The minimalist shape, combined with the unique 㡮dwich೴ructure, contrasts with the large time scale and the central hour and minute hands, making the time of the replica watch more pure and clear. The hands and the time stamps are covered with a luminous part, which makes it easy to observe the time even in a dark environment.

The retro fake watch design and the classic and outstanding performance of the replica watch, together with the constant power of 3 days, create a new timepiece that combines style and practicality. Horizontally placed on the tablecloth fake rolex, it is like a gentle and modest gentleman, showing the man's essential charm from top to bottom, and attracting people to stop and replica watch. If you like this atmospheric and retro fake Panerai Radiomir series 3 day storage steel replica watch, then consider it.