Identify the true and fake Rolex watches from the details

Rolex replica watches are one of the famous Swiss fake watch brands, Rolex replica watches are not only known for their workmanship, quality, but also his expensive price. In all counterfeit Swiss replica watches, the replica Rolex is more common, how to judge the authenticity of the Rolex watch? Today, the watch will teach you about the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer II replica watches uk identification skills.

In 1971, Replica rolex launched the Permanent Explorer II fake watch Ref.1655, which brought a major breakthrough in watch technology. Explorer II's conspicuous faceplate configuration and 24-hour hands make it the perfect partner for explorers and adventurers; the Cal.1575 automatic movement, which is the most accommodating movement at the time, is accurate and durable. The features are beyond doubt.

The ExplorerII graphic represents the digital dial, and the dial pattern of the dial is balanced to the left and right. The Rolex fake watch has high technical requirements for the scale equalization configuration replica horloges, and the re-engraving scale has a messy feeling.

Take the symbol of the Rolex fake watch - the crown logo and the text "ROLEX". After zooming in, we look at the genuine printing is very regular, the ink is very well-proportioned, and the imitation goods have ink overflow, and the font of "PERPETUAL" is a genuine type of Song, and a replica Gothic type.

The inside of the connection point is an accessory called a small spring bar. The shape of the spring bar is different compared to the two. The re-enactment is a cheap spring rod commonly used in replica watches on the market. Parts of the screw will be exposed.