Longines replica Master: Witnessing the achievements of watchmaking that spanned two centuries

This watch is the fake watch worn by Longines brand spokesperson Peng Yuxi when it is endorsed by Longines. It is also the most representative replica watch in the Longines replica masterpiece series. This replica watch combines timekeeping with moon phase and full calendar to present the discerning craftsmanship of the disc brand.

The color of the dial is silver "grain", and the blue steel hands are like a light-pulsing dancer on a simple dial, with a half-moon-shaped central hand indicating the date. At the 6th, 9th, and 12th positions of the dial replica watches uk, there are three small dials for the moon phase, timing, and display of the calendar and the week. The right half of the dial is a classic symbol of the Longines replica winged hourglass, making the entire surface more balanced and symmetrical.

The case is made of 40mm polished steel, and the crown and chronograph buttons are polished and polished to make the entire body look even more seamless.

This replica watch is equipped with the upgraded L678 movement of the ETA factory. The exquisite back-opening allows you to replika klockor take off the replica watch and see the inner movement of the movement from the back and feel the beauty of the machine.