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Welcome on the webpages of czech 7th scout brigade Havrani(Ravens) Kolín.


Kolín occures 60 km east from the capital of Czech Republik-Prague, and currently has 30000 inhabitants. The history of scout movement in Kolín begins in 1919, one year after the World War 1st finished and one year after formation of our state then, Czechoslovakia. After a political calm down of the situation in our country, scouting in Kolín started to rapidely spread and during the following 20 years there arised many scout brigades including the brigade of Wolves in 1922 from which Ravens originate. Our brigade was established on 15th of March 1938 by dividing of Wolves to Wolves and Ravens, but strike of World War 2nd and occupation of the german armies forced us to abandon our activities as early as one year after until 1945-the end of World War 2nd . During the war many scouts from Kolín was confined because of their activities in revolt or illegal operation of scout activities and more dozens of them was executed. Many scouts also died in battles for France and England-these countries will never forget the heroic Czech pilots, which was fighting for their freedom and survival. The short period of post-war freedom allowed to
furbish up the scout movement in Kolín, as well our brigade.
The year 1950 was newly a year of persecution and prohibition-the power in our countor ry was captured by communist authoritarianism, democracy collapsed and many scouts payed again for their revolt activities or illegal scout activities with years spent in jail or in forced work camps, uranium mines etc.
The political melt-down in 60's enabled newly the rebirth of scouting in our country therefore also in Kolín in 1968. Havrani(Ravens) became the srongest and most famous youth brigade. To be a Havran(Raven) was a boy ambition. In this era joined the brigade many boys which we can meet today among distinguished personalities of scientific, cultural and economic life here and also in abroad. From those boys became personalities, however they never left behind the basics gained in the scout brigade. Some of them emigrated though, but even for this difficult journey they went with their „lily of promise“. At the begining of 1968 looked everything hopefully, but this hope for more free life was even in august of this year crushed by panzers of armies of Warsaw pact, which was sent by the Soviet Union afraid of the emancipation of Czechoslovakia and of increasing democratic tendency in our country. The prohibition of activities came again, brigades was dispersed and the leaders jailed. Our brigade worked ilegally until 1979, when was detected and eliminated.
The revolution in 1989, when Chech and Slovak people arised against the authoritarianism and overthrowed the red cabinet, enabled the rebirth of the brigade in full blast. Maintaining the brigade traditions, characteristic brigade sacramentality, but also a „raveny“ camp architecture brings the tradition of eight decades and seven generations of youths which went over the glory of scouting in Kolín.

At the present time has the brigade aproximately 30 members, which are divided into three retinues - Kamzíky (Izzards), Lišáky (dog-foxs) and Medvedi (Bears). Every week are held campfires of the brigade, where Havrani(Ravens) learn scout knowledges, play games, sing and develop their selfknowladge. Weekends are dedicated to tours of special subjects across our country or in abroad. The brigade shout was heard for example in Austria, Slovakia, France, Germany (2x), Italy, Vatican, Scotland but mostly on the 21st World Jamboree in England, which we visited in 2007 and the 22nd World Jamboree in Sweden. The brigade flag soaked as far as Buckingham palace and could be seen by the members of Europian parliament. The cap stone of scout year is the summer camp. Pole with the state flag teaches the Havrani(Ravens) to respect their nation, scout costume and scout ceremonials create unforgetable romance and lifelong friendships to the brigade.
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Our thanks to all Havrani(Ravens) and other scouts that translated this pages to this language.


The photogallery of current Havrani(Ravens) generation is under this link.

Here you can watch the brigade videos.